Managed Services

Save money, increase productivity, and reduce necessary resources with an orchestrated IT environment.

Learn what we can do for you

Managed Services

Save money, increase productivity, and reduce necessary resources with an orchestrated IT environment.

Learn what we can do for you

What We Do


Remote Monitoring and Management

Provide 24/7/365 monitoring and reporting of performance and availability.


Managed Cloud

Manage your cloud infrastructure, freeing your IT staff to focus on your business’s core competencies.


Managed WiFi

Power your locations with enterprise-grade architecture designed to best practices and managed for security and performance.


Managed Networking

Build, secure, and operate your network to your business standards.


Managed Unified Communications

Manage your connections and endpoints, creating a more efficient and collaborative communications environment.


Managed Security

Monitor and manage your security posture, alerting you and responding to any threats.


Manage Your Technology

See business-driven results with our IT management expertise.



In this discovery phase, we take inventory of your systems, locations, equipment, and assets, and conduct a capability assessment that determines the additional resources needed to successfully manage your IT environment. 


We look for existing redundancies and inefficiencies, and suggest improvements to simplify and optimize your systems.


Our IT professionals come from varied backgrounds that include CIOs, IT managers, and engineers, creating first-hand perspective into the needs and challenges associated with IT management. We implement your solutions, guided by these understandings.


We go beyond simply maintaining compliance with SLAs, and work beside you to fix any problems at their core. Once your solutions are in place, we monitor your IT environment and recommend changes where there is opportunity for improvement.

 “If you’re unable or it doesn’t make sense for you to run a dedicated 24/7 operation, partnering with a MSP and other service providers for after hours and weekends can help alleviate your staff from intensive, round-the-clock monitoring.” 

—James Carder for LogRythm, Seven Common CISO Pain Points and How To Solve Them, 2018


Team Member Profile

Team Member Profile

Bob Adamson

Senior Director, GCI Business Operations Pacific Northwest

A 25-year veteran of the IT industry, Bob began his career as a telecommunications engineer. Since that time, he’s held network architect and leadership positions across a number of disciplines, including voice networking, data networking, video, data center and server operations and client computing.

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