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Seattle Children’s Hospital (Seattle Children’s) operates a clinical hospital and research institute; their team of professionals provide care to more than 420,000 patients each year. As the pediatric and adolescent academic medical center for Washington, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho, Seattle Children’s serves the largest region of any children’s hospital in the country. 

Large organizations like Seattle Children’s require an agile and responsive technical infrastructure. Their team is in the process of expanding the research institute’s campus to cover more than one million square feet. As a result, the IT team recognized a need to overhaul the entire technological foundation of the organization. Their team knew they would benefit from a build-out of a colocated data center with a software defined networking (SDN) solution. They also recognized their need for an application centric infrastructure (ACI) deployment, which would allow for optimized agility, security, automation, staff augmentation, and support a private cloud. 

However, Seattle Children’s lacked the technical expertise and human capital to take on such a massive project. Their team needed a trusted partner to augment existing resources and navigate the ever-changing technology landscape.


Seattle Children’s and Northpoint had an existing relationship that started with a staff augmentation project. Northpoint provided critical resources that freed up the in-house technical team so they could focus on mission-critical tasks for the hospital and research institute.

“Working with Northpoint has improved our resource management and I’ve been very pleased with every project we’ve partnered on” said Rob Reconnu, manager of network services for Seattle Children’s. “When the opportunity to go with an ACI versus a traditional SDN came up, we didn’t want to miss out because of lack of expertise. Northpoint stepped in and expressed a genuine interest. The team understands my business, both from a technical and organizational perspective, and anticipates our needs before we know we have them. I trust them to get the job done.”


After four months, Northpoint launched Seattle Children’s ACI. The new system meets the needs of the IT department and provides an improved experience for users, all without changes to the organizational structure.

ACI allows organizations to function better by increasing operational efficiencies, delivering necessary infrastructure for automation, accelerating data center application deployments, and improving security across data centers and public and private clouds. Traditional ways of managing with manual labor simply cannot keep up.

Northpoint also designed and built the foundation for a private cloud for Seattle Children’s, providing a scalable and resilient infrastructure that is both “automate-able” and extensible.

“We would not have been able to undergo an ACI deployment without Northpoint,” Reconnu said. “We are now well positioned to continue to grow and scale.”


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